Thanks to Latisse® those full eyelashes you've always wanted are within reach.

Latisse® is an FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate eye lashes, growing them longer, fuller, and darker*. There are even some reports of people using Latisse® on their eyebrows with interesting results, however we don’t recommend going off-label. Latisse® is applied to the upper eyelids daily, and not in the eye. Patients who wear contacts have no issues with Latisse®, as you only apply Latisse® to the eyelid.

Patients reported noticeable results after 2-3 months of treatment, when at that point users cut back to a “maintenance” routine using less Latisse® product. Possible side-effects include changes in eye color, but usually this only happens when applied incorrectly, such as directly into the eye like eye drops. Pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant should not use or come into contact with Latisse®. Read the Important Information regarding all possible Latisse® side-effects.