Anti-aging Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

Thanks to modern advances in technology, 50 is now the new 30, and life expectancy is growing longer and longer. Maintaining healthy and youthful skin is important to our overall health and wellness as we age. Skin is the body’s largest organ, takes in oxygen and expels toxins through the form of perspiration. Maintaining our skin health has a direct correlation to our bodies overall health.
RVC Medical is proud to offer the full line of scientific anti-aging skin care treatments by Sente®. The SENTÉ® research and discovery plan focuses on the science of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), master molecules that control skin health, aging, extracellular matrix formation and integrity as well as wound healing. The SENTÉ® scientific approach led to the creation of Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), a bio-engineered form of endogenously produced Heparan Sulfate (HS) that differs in size, shape and charge. SENTÉ® products are the first and only line in the aesthetic market that contains HSA technology and are only available through qualified physician offices.
One of the most popular anti-aging treatments we offer is the SENTE® Neck Firming Cream. This gentle wrinkle cream is developed to be used on the delicate neck area, and moisturizes while firming the skin. Another effective and popular anti-aging skin care treatment is Bio Complete Serum by SENTE. This serum is a nightly cream that contains sustained time-release retinoids and other key ingredients that make your skin smooth and firm while you sleep.
In addition to our great SENTE® products, RVC Medical also carries the popular BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm® and Radiesse® wrinkle reducers and cosmetic fillers. These anti-aging wrinkle treatments are great for those hard-to-get wrinkles or facial fold lines.
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