Is SculpSure Better than Coolsculpting?

Each year brings new technology to the non-invasive Fat Reduction industry, giving patients even more choices to reach their personal Body Sculpting goals. At RVC Medical, we are always excited to see new equipment and treatments emerge that improve the lives of our patients. That’s why we’re so excited about SculpSure, the non-invasive “Hot Sculpting” fat reduction treatment.

What is “CoolSculpting”?

CoolSculpting is a popular type of non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses temperature, cool temperature, to “freeze” fat cells. A suction applicator draws tissue into the device where the fat cells are frozen. These frozen cells are dead, and naturally flushed from the body. CoolSculpsure can tend to feel “cold” and treatments are long.

SculpSure - The Breakthrough Non-Invasive Laser Body Sculpting TreatmentWhat is SculpSure?

SculpSure, like Coolsculpting, uses temperature to destroy fat cells. The difference is that SculpSure uses heat to “melt” the fat cells, hence the term “Hot Sculpting”. Results from SculpSure usually blend into untreated areas more smoothly as heat dissipates more evenly from treated to untreated areas.
One main advantage SculpSure has over CoolSculpting is the length of treatment. CoolSculpting treatment usually takes 60 minutes, versus SculpSure’s 25 minute treatments.
Although informative, this article is not a substitute for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Van Coevorden. Call us today at 425-557-4227 to schedule your free consultation and plan your personalized SculpSure treatments.


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